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Web Security

As organizations grow increasingly dependent on the Internet to communicate with customers, partners and employees, the Web browser is fast becoming the universal window into mission-critical communications and information. It is paramount for organizations to be aware and make informed policy decisions on the content being delivered to users. Web traffic generally passes through the firewall as trusted traffic regardless of how harmful the contents might be. Take action to prevent mis-use, malware, and spyware, and secure the Internet medium.

Web gateway solutions are an essential component for a layered defense against the latest web bourne threats and data loss prevention policy enforcement.

Pro-Active Real-time defense against zero hour attacks mitigating botnets, Trojans, and malware threats.
Web 2.0 Employee Productivity – Real-time content classification ensuring appropriate use and policy enforcement.
Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Controls – Enterprise-class Web data loss prevention establishes the controls needed to enable outbound communications to destinations like Web mail and social networks while meeting compliance mandates to control disclosure of sensitive data.
Dynamic Web filtering – cloud-based security intelligence ensures up-to-date and accurate identification of inappropriate content. Heuristics engines can help detect anomalies, and malicious characteristics.
Advanced control over applications and network protocols – Web Application Firewall controls provides control over 125 network protocols and thousands of applications to mitigate risk from unauthorized applications, enhance employee productivity, and reduce bandwidth cost by controlling access to these applications.
Simple, yet scalable management – Whether you are considering cloud or premise based solutions, centralized management architecture scales from the small single-site business to the large Fortune 100 distributed enterprises.
Dynamic Protection against Web Malware – Constant monitoring and updating backed by threatlab researchers ensure property security intelligence mitigating emerging threats.
lexible Deployment –On-premise software and SaaS (cloud-based) deployment options can be flexibly deployed to meet specific operational and cost requirements.

The IronPort® S-Series™ is the industry's fastest Web security appliance. Spyware has quickly evolved to become one of the most significant corporate security issues. More than 80 percent of corporate PCs are infected with spyware, yet less than 10 percent of corporations have deployed perimeter spyware defenses. The speed, variety and maliciousness of spyware and Web-based malware attacks have highlighted the importance of a robust, secure platform to protect the enterprise network perimeter from such threats. The IronPort S-Series appliances combine a high-performance security platform with IronPort's exclusive Web Reputation technology and IronPort's breakthrough Dynamic Vectoring and Streaming™ (DVS) engine, a new scanning technology that enables signature-based spyware filtering. Robust management and reporting tools deliver ease of administration and complete visibility into threat-related activity.

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MimeSweeper for Web solutions are policy-based and are designed to enforce even the most detailed Internet Usage Policies. You set the policy, MIMEsweeper enforces it.

Enforce outbound content compliance: filter all webmail and FTP transfers over HTTP
Block unacceptable websites – with comprehensive URL blocking
Protect all Web 2.0 activity – with filtering for blogs, social networking sites, wikis, P2P services, etc.
Defend against inbound threats: such as spyware, malware, ActiveX, poisoned cookies etc.
Filter internal threats: control intranet blogging through lexical analysis, etc.
Prevent loss of productivity: with powerful reporting that helps you spot and prevent abuse

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As the leading provider of secure web gateway and application delivery solutions, Blue Coat helps organizations "stop the bad and accelerate the good" across the network. Only Blue Coat's secure web gateway offers a robust and flexible way to:

• Prevent malware and unauthorized applications from compromising network security and performance
• Establish security "checkpoints" at multiple sites across your distributed enterprise
• Guarantee application security and application acceleration for all Web content, including encrypted SSL content

Deliver a safe and productive network environment wherever users and applications are located

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Websense Enterprise, the industry-leading web filtering solution, improves productivity, reduces legal liability, and optimizes the use of IT resources. Websense Enterprise integrates seamlessly with leading network infrastructure products to offer unequaled flexibility and control.

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MessageLabs Hosted Web Security service operates at the Internet level, intercepting viruses, spyware and other web-borne threats before they enter your network or reach your remote workforce. Our hosted service also allows you to block access to inappropriate websites by URL or by category, keeping your employees productive and compliant while enforcing acceptable usage policies.

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