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Fuze | secure

Our managed and professional services proactively defend your network and confidential information from existing and emerging threats. Fuze|secure ensures data availability, integrity, and confidentiality through best practices and implementing best of breed solutions. Our methodologies are based on industry standards, best practices, and experience.

Professional Services

Assess: Identify assets, threats, and vulnerabilities to develop strategic and tactical solutions to mitigate risk.
Implement: Deployment of security controls and mitigation techniques.
Manage: Control. Monitor. Respond. Day-to-day activities to maintain a secure infrastructure.
Educate: Provide information, training, and awareness; empower you to make knowledgeable decisions.

Managed Services

Managed Firewall

The Managed Firewall Service from Fuze|networks has been designed to align with your organization’s security initiatives and budgetary requirements, via two Managed Firewall Service offerings: Essential and Enterprise. Our Managed Firewall Service has been tailored specifically to meet the unique requirements of today’s diversely connected enterprises.


Enterprise Managed Firewall offers you a fully managed and proactive firewall management solution where Fuze|networksis solely responsible for the administration, management, and monitoring of the firewall platform’s configuration, security policy, and rule-set in accordance with your defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). Fuze|networks has certified security staff that will work with the customers authorized security contacts to review, validate, implement, and audit firewall requests/changes that are commensurate with the service level purchased.

Enterprise Service Overview:

Firewall site assessment and strategic network design guidance
Firewall policy design, equipment installation and configuration
Firewall device monitoring and management
Break-Fix telephone support and emergency response
Continuous Rule-Set validation, verification, tuning, and optimization
Continuous review of firewall policy and firewall security posture
Continuous firewall upgrades, patch management and device configuration maintenance
Device health and performance monitoring
Continuous log monitoring, analysis and archival
Change management and auditing
Comprehensive reporting; on-demand and scheduled
Full backup and recovery of firewall configuration and security policies
Firewall fault analysis and problem resolution
Gateway-to-gateway VPN connections - add on
End-user-to-gateway VPN connections - add on


Essential Managed Firewall offers you a co-managed and proactive firewall management solution where Fuze|networksvvalidates changes proposed by client, which the client then implements under the guidance/assistance of Fuze|networks . Administration and monitoring of the firewall platform’s configuration, security policy, and rule-set will be done in accordance with your defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Essential Service Overview:

Firewall policy design, equipment installation and configuration
Firewall device monitoring
Break-Fix telephone support
Continuous Rule-Set validation and verification
Device health and performance monitoring
Firewall Monitoring & Change Management
Continuous log monitoring and archival
Comprehensive reporting; on-demand and scheduled
Backup and recovery assistance of firewall configuration and security policies
Firewall fault Analysis
Vendor RMA Assistance
Firewall upgrades / Patch Management - add on
Gateway-to-gateway VPN connections - add on
End-user-to-gateway VPN connections - add on

With easy plug-and-play setup, state-of-the-art Juniper Networks® security appliances and Check Point FW-1 VPN-1® technology are positioned to secure and prioritize data, voice and video traffic transmitted across the internet. These flexible solutions are tailored to each customer's specific office needs and are field-upgradeable for future growth and functionality.

Common Supported Firewall Platforms:

Managed Anti-Virus Defense powered by McAfee

McAfee® security software as a service

Reduce your security licensing costs and on-premise capital investments by leveraging McAfee expertise and infrastructure. Switch to McAfee Total Protection Service—our automated security (SaaS) solution—and free your IT staff from complex deployment, upgrades and management. Get automatic protection against known and unknown threats, and manage your security from a centralized, web-based console.


Comprehensive coverage in a single SaaS solution
Whether your business has 50 or 5,000 employees, protect desktops, servers, and email against viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, vulnerabilities, web threats, and hacker attacks; managed by McAfee SecurityCenter™
Save time with always-on-guard security
Get uninterrupted protection that's never obsolete, with daily automated updates, and service upgrades through the McAfee security SaaS platform. Simply install the protection, and the solution transparently updates via an Internet connection-no maintenance required, no disruptions, and no connections to the local network are necessary to get continuous protection
Lower total cost of security ownership
With McAfee automated protection, there is no need to dedicate IT staff to maintain your security, or buy additional security management software, on-premise hardware, or technical support. With an annual subscription, get integrated security, transparent updates and upgrades, centralized management, and around-the-clock technical support-all for one low cost
Quick deployment to all users
Regardless of user location, simply email the customized installation link to users for quick deployment over the Internet; additional push or silent installation options are also available
Simplify security management
From the web-based SecurityCenter console, centralize installation, configuration, reporting, updates, and group management. With any web browser, access SecurityCenter to customize reporting dashboards, set policies, schedule reports, or run virus and vulnerability scans


Integrated endpoint, email, and web protection
Eliminates need for overwhelming multiple point products; get proactive protection against known and unknown threats to desktops, laptops, file servers, and your email-all from a single service solution that includes 24/7 technical support
Immediate scanning to defeat viruses and spyware
Proactively detects and stop viruses, spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted programs before they can install and compromise your desktops, laptops, and servers
Searches with confidence
Safeguards from Internet threats when browsing or searching using SiteAdvisor web security; easy to read color-coded safety ratings warn users about potentially malicious sites
Blocks unproductive web activity
Extends your protection by using SecurityCenter to customize web policies and filter out unwanted or unproductive websites; allows you to easily customize your blacklist and whitelist based on website categorizations, SiteAdvisor ratings, or website content
Scans for vulnerabilities
Delivers actionable reporting and maintains compliance through our continuous comparison against widely adopted benchmarks
Stops email attacks in their tracks
Automatically protects your email from threats like spam, phishing, viruses, and more
Delivers instant, always-active protection
Integrates McAfee Artemis technology to block or quarantine new threats before a signature is developed-anytime, anywhere; based on the global threat intelligence gathered by McAfee® Avert® Labs

Managed Email Security (Defense, Spam, Virus, Phishing, Archiving)

powered by Symantec Hosted Services


Hosted Email AntiSpam filter is a multi-layered, Internet-level spam filter service that prevents spam from reaching your network. Our Anti-Spam filter service is compatible with any SMTP compliant mail server including: Exchange Spam Filter, GroupWise, Lotus Notes-Domino. Our spam filter service provides a cost effective anti-spam solution which is fully scalable to meet the requirements of small to mid-sized business as well as enterprise size companies.

Increase your email security by adding our Email Anti-Virus filter, and effectively block spam and known and unknown viruses simultaneously.

Why use MessageLabs Hosted Email AntiSpam filter?

Our hosted email spam filter has an industry-leading service level agreement for capture of 99% of all spam without affecting the flow of legitimate email. Implementing our service is fast and easy, requiring no hardware, installation or ongoing maintenance from your end.

Hosted Anti-Spam
Preventing spam from reaching users’ in-boxes Blocks spam before it reaches your network Users don’t spend time filtering through messages
Spam Filtering Accuracy Over 99% spam capture and zero false positives Legitimate mail is received
Minimizing bandwidth use Minimizing bandwidth use Removes spam before it reaches your network, reducing bandwidth usage
Reducing the risk of virus infection Works with our Anti-Virus Service to prevent viruses embedded in spam from reaching your network Users can open messages without launching a virus and you don’t have to spend time recovering from an infection

As with all MessageLabs products, our hosted Email Anti-Spam filter includes
24x7x365 support.

How our Email Anti-Spam Filtering works:

All incoming emails are directed through the MessageLabs platform, hosted in secure data centers worldwide
Each email is scanned for spam from known and unknown sources using traffic management, Skeptic™ technology, and commercial anti-spam filters
Any email identified as spam is redirected, with multiple spam block and re-routing options available
Quarantined email and lists of approved and blocked senders are managed by administrators and/or end-users
Reports summarizing actions taken by the spam filter service can be generated easily

NEXT STEPS- Email Anti-Spam Filter Service

Our hosted spam filter service is fully managed; you simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. Additional employees can be added easily as your business grows. Our Email Anti-Spam filter can be purchased separately or can be combined with our Email Anti-Virus, Email Image Control or Email Content Control services for increased email security.

Managed Web Security Powered by Websense


Exceptional Web and Email security services without the cost and complexity of on-premise equipment
Full policy controls retained via highly available cloud-based management and reporting
Unifed Web and email security dashboard, reporting, and management lowers administrative costs while delivering better protection against blended threats

Websense Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides a fast and easy deployment path for the Websense Hosted Web Security and Websense Hosted Email Security products. SaaS shifts all security inspection, enforcement, and management processes from the customer’s location to 10 globally available datacenters “in the cloud.” With this infrastructure, Web and email security services can be deployed across large and small offices located around the world in minutes. Customers gain all the benefits of the industry’s leading content security, while eliminating the distribution, deployment, and ongoing upgrade of on-premise hardware.

No On-Premise Equipment or Upgrades

SaaS eliminates the distribution, deployment, and ongoing upgrade of on-premise equipment. Websense takes those operational tasks off your hands, eliminating not only operational costs but also dramatically shrinking deployment time. This is especially true for distributed organizations where remote IT support resources may be limited or nonexistent.

Security Effectiveness

SaaS Web security and email security customers automatically and continuously receive real-time threat updates from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network. No action is required by the customer to stay ahead of the latest threats. Additionally, the scale and elasticity of cloud computing resources delivers multilayered threat protection without any performance impact. As a result, Websense customers achieve industry-leading protection against dynamic, zero-day threats without the overhead associated with on-premise security updates or capacity monitoring.

Full Policy Management and Reporting Control

The SaaS platform delivers highly available, centralized policy management and reporting across globally distributed locations without the need for deployment of redundant on-premise management servers. Policies can even be extended to include role and user-specific controls via integration with on-premise directory services. Websense customers retain full control of their policies, without the cost and complexity of on-premise management servers.

Web and Email Integration

Websense SaaS Web security and email security are integrated at every level. A single user interface configures both, and both leverage shared management services including user directory synchronization, delegated administration, reporting, account management, and more. This integrated approach eliminates repetitive tasks, consolidates vendor support, and lowers administrative training costs.

Carrier Grade Datacenter Availability and Security

Websense SaaS Web security and email security customers benefit from carrier-grade data center security and reliability that would be extremely costly for individual organizations to maintain on their own. Ten ISO 27001 certified data centers distributed around the globe meet the strict security and availability standards.



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