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Malware/Spyware/Virus (Endpoint) Defense

Malware, Spyware and viruses plague the internet and remain constant threats to networks worldwide. End users must be vigilant and cautious when sharing files, visiting web sites, and when using email and instant messaging.

Defend against evolving threats which target endpoint devices such as workstations, laptops, servers and mobile devices.

Protect sensitive information which is often seized by spyware and malware.

Ensure a strong defense by providing multiple layers of protection against these threats.

Blended threats outwit point solutions with a combination of Web 2.0 technologies, encryption, sophisticated spam techniques, and phishing attacks. McAfee counters with our award-winning web and email security products, blocking dynamically based on reputation, behavior, and global threat intelligence—not just signatures. We instantly detect and block malicious websites and emails, and attacks that attempt to enter your network through any combination of browsers, web protocols, and email. For additional confidence, our vulnerability management solutions identify and assess any weaknesses that malware and attackers might exploit. Through our integrated solutions, McAfee not only gives you the only effective protection against multifaceted threats, we also help you reduce the number of vendors and products you use and the costs and maintenance requirements associated with them. With our scalable options, you can afford to cover your remote users

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• Secure your computers and sensitive data with anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, NAC, DLP and encryption technologies in one solution
• Protect all your platforms with proven proactive Genotype protection backed by SophosLabs™ expertise and our HIPS technology
• Minimize the impact on your end users’ machines with a fast, single agent that provides both malware and data protection
• Automatically assess managed and guest computers for out-of-date security and patch status before they join your network
• Stop hackers with our centrally managed client firewall integrated into the anti-virus agent

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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition creates a protected endpoint, messaging, and Web environment that is secure against today’s complex malware, data loss and spam threats, and is quickly recoverable in the event of failure. Reduce the cost of securing your environment and more effectively manage the inherent risks of today’s IT infrastructures with Symantec’s market-leading technologies.

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Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition with AntiVirus protects businesses of all sizes from malicious spyware, viruses and malware. Effective and easy-to-manage, this complete endpoint security software combines Webroot's award-winning antispyware protection with powerful best-of-breed antivirus protection from Sophos®. The result is a new standard of protection that offers superior value and ensures business continuity and productivity.

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