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Email Security

Email availability is business critical and Fuze|networks offers the best of breed products and flexible solutions. Based on your environment and security needs we can recommend an appropriate appliance, software or managed service based solution.

Defend against inbound threats such as spam, viruses, phishing and denial-of-service attacks.

Archive email to address storage management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance challenges.

Prevent leaks of confidential or private information with robust, easy-to-use data loss prevention features.

Enforce policy and ensure appropriate email use.

Encrypt sensitive information, based on customizable email security policies.

Optimize and improve your email infrastructure with specialized tools and utilities.

SPAM filtering

While the most widely recognized form of SPAM is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, and file sharing network spam.
DEFEND against inbound email SPAM using multilayered defense strategies from leading solutions providers. Fuze|networks can help guide you to a solution which best serves your organization.


VIRUSES never rest so 24/7 protection is essential to protect your network and ensure uptime and reliability. Our selected solutions are designed to offer proactive and comprehensive protection against virus, malware, phishing and zero-hour threats.

Policy Enforcement

The exponential increase in regulatory compliance has drawn tough guidelines for publicly traded companies, financial institutions, and healthcare. In addition insider threats consistently challenge intellectual property, trade secrets and valuable customer information. Organizations need to be diligent in addressing and enforcing security policies.

The IronPort® email security appliances are the most sophisticated systems available today. In production at eight of the ten largest ISPs and more than 20 percent of the world's largest enterprises, these systems have a demonstrated record of unparalleled security and reliability. The same code base that powers IronPort's most sophisticated customers is available in all of IronPort's email security appliances, to protect enterprises of all sizes. By reducing the downtime associated with spam, viruses and a wide variety of other threats, Ironport products reduce total cost of ownership. IronPort's email security appliances support and protect your email systems—not only from today's threats, but from those certain to evolve in the future.

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The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™ delivers the industry's most complete and effective secure messaging infrastructure for the enterprise. It combines a robust, enterprise-class MTA with perimeter security, anti-spam, anti-virus, secure messaging and outbound content security capabilities in an easy-to-deploy, hardened appliance. Proofpoint's anti-spam appliance is available for both large enterprises (the P-Series appliance) and small- and medium-sized businesses (the X-Series appliance). The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway is also available in a Virtual Edition that offers all of the same features as Proofpoint's hardware appliances as an easy-to-deploy "virtual appliance" for VMware's virtualization products.

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Defend against all inbound threats and outbound data leakage in a single box that’s easy to deploy and manage. This complete email solution integrates Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus, Clearswift’s SpamLogic™, TRUSTmanager™ , ThreatLab LIVE™ and full MIMEsweeper content filtering engine plus, comes complete with a pre-installed default policy to instantly protect your organization. All on a hardened Linux operating system and Dell hardware. Key features include - multi-box policy reporting and quarantine management and a Common Policy Console for easy policy changes and enforcement on email and web appliances.

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Email is the most widely used application on the Internet but its use also represents significant risks to an organization in the form of impact to business continuity, loss of confidential information, legal exposure and failure to enforce regulatory compliance, all of which can have significant financial implications.

MessageLabs provides a highly effective and integrated set of on-demand services to protect, control and encrypt email communications so that customers can use this business-critical tool safely and productively.

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Sophos Email Security and Control scales from hundreds to millions of messages a day, easily handling the email requirements of any organization. Whether you require simple, plug-and-play protection or more sophisticated policy-based email management, Email Security and Control delivers the protection, visibility and control you need.Save time, effort and money with easy system navigation, comprehensive status checks, automatic updates from SophosLabs™, customizable policy controls, and relevant, actionable reporting.

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