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Data Networking

Connect to your local and international customers, partners, and associates with state-of-the-art IP, data, and Internet access services. Our expertise with frame relay, Ethernet, ATM, and private line technology, in combination with our extensive business experience, uniquely qualifies us to seamlessly handle the architecture, configuration, and management functions of your communications network.

Reliable Internet access

Internet Port service is a crucial element in creating a virtual enterprise by delivering a high-speed, reliable and scalable Internet access service. You can maintain cost-effective communications with your branch offices and mobile employees quickly and easily. Fuze|connect’s Networking Internet Port is scalable and customized to your needs-from high volume e-mail and application hosting to e-commerce applications and multimedia streaming. Our connection services provide a powerful solution for tapping the full capability of the Internet by combining value-added services such as Web hosting, application services and professional services to meet your business needs.


Fuze|connect’s Internet Port is a reliable and dedicated Internet access service over our service provider’s OC-192 network is one of the most sophisticated networks available. It offers exceptional service level agreements (SLAs) and some of the highest customer access speeds in the industry today. Additional services can be included with Internet Port: security services, integrated customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions, international connectivity, Integrated Management Services (Web-based management and reporting portal) and much more.


OC-192 IP network
Extensive peering arrangements
Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) fast reroute and core redundancy
Comprehensive SLA
Flat-rate and usage-sensitive billing
Web-based customer portal
Best-of-breed Internet partners around the world


A state-of-the-art global IP backbone—no backbone congestion.
Rapid access to content—users located domestically and around the world.
50 millisecond network recovery time.
Guaranteed network performance and availability.
You can manage your network configuration.
Global presence.
Diverse billing options match bandwidth and budgetary requirements with competitive rates.
A full package of additional services to meet your demanding Internet needs.

How it works

Fuze|connect’s Networking Internet Port provides a complete range of services for various enterprise networking requirements. The OC-192 Internet protocol (IP) network backbone is engineered for minimal packet loss and network congestion. Customer care centers (CCCs) are available to support your needs 24/7. Network operations centers (NOCs) have full visibility and control of the platform with 24-hour management and proactive notification when problems occur. To facilitate access into their network, you have the option of Internet Ports with a variety of port speeds, ranging from 56 Kbps to 2.4 Gbps. The following port types are available in fractional or full access speeds:

Fractional DS-1 starting at 56 Kbps
DS-1 (1.544 Kbps)
NxDS-1 (3-12Mbps)
DS-3 (45 Mbps)
OC-N (155 Mbps and up)
Ethernet (10 Mbps)
Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps)
Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbps)
10 Gigabit Ethernet (10,000 Mbps)

VoIP — Advanced Voice Products

Save time and money with flexible real-time VoIP. Fuze|connect’s business VoIP offerings include Managed VoIP, Analog VoIP and Digital VoIP. Combine advanced voice services and data over the same fast Internet connection.

Managed VOIP

Minimal Capital Requirements

Managed VOIP —an Internet protocol (IP) application that provides real-time, two-way voice capability in IP over a broadband connection—combines the two most-used tools of the business trade, the phone and computer/Internet, creating a single communications platform that delivers the best of both worlds. An outsourced and fully managed solution, Managed VOIP delivers converged technology that requires minimal capital expense, provides automatic software updates, is highly scalable to accommodate growth and offers easy online administration and trouble ticketing.


If you frequently leave your desk or travel, you know that a missed call can mean a lost opportunity. Fuze|connect’s VoIP technology makes the world your office. With it you can manage incoming calls and voice mails with just a few computer clicks from any Internet connection. You can route calls to follow you wherever you go. Additionally, you can set calling rules to ensure you get priority calls. Non-priority calls will go to a "do not disturb" voice mail queue. In short, you can become more productive, regardless of your physical location.

With Managed VOIP, you make local and long-distance phone calls using an Internet connection. You can also make local, off-net domestic long-distance and off-net international calls to end users on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). You get a choice of packaged options customized to meet your specific needs and calling patterns. Managed VOIP brings it all together, integrating your voice, video and data communications over a single, reliable network service.


Managed VOIP has two package options, Managed VOIP Office and Managed VOIP Office Enhanced—a combination of local, long-distance, voice and office features—to meet your needs and calling patterns. Standout features include a/an:

Personal online dashboard providing voice mail, call logging, find-me/follow-me capabilities, contact manager and easy click-to-call functionality.

Administration portal enabling online user setup, moves, adds and changes (MACs), hunt/pick-up group configuration and online ticketing.

Portal access via Microsoft® Outlook® integration providing unified messaging and integrated e-mail and voice messaging capabilities.*

*Requires Office Enhanced Package


Improved productivity via a rich feature set—Access Web-based portal/in-office tools from any Internet connection:

  • Distributed employees are on a "single" communications system.
  • Voice mail accessibility via Web-browser/forwarding via e-mail.
  • IP-private branch exchange (PBX) features without a large, capital investment.
  • Dedicated Internet access from the desktop.
  • Consolidated management and control from any Internet connection.
  • Improved customer service by dialing a single number.

• Flexible and scalable—Expands as your business changes with a pay-as-you-go model versus upfront capital commitment for a PBX. The platform is managed, so you are always on the latest product release.

  • National footprint coverage available to meet your business needs.

• Extensive coverage—Enables integrated communications across multiple locations

• Cost savings via multiple avenues—

  • No PBX capital investment on premises required.
  • Prevents stranded capital investment and takes advantage of rapid technology change.
  • Reduces MAC management cost.
  • Feature upgrades are automatic and seamless across the platform.
  • Inter-location voice traffic avoids public switched telephone network (PSTN) and long distance charges (i.e., free on-net calling), with cost-free, four-digit dialing between locations, as if on one network.
  • Decreases administrative costs of managing two networks.
  • Can result in decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) for network infrastructure acquisition and management.

How it works

Managed VOIP offers a fully hosted service that replaces the need for the often more cost-prohibitive and less accommodating premises-based phone system model. It eliminates the necessity for multiple vendors typically required to provide popular applications like voice mail and integrated messaging.

Fully-managed service.

Hosted on carrier-grade network.

Transports voice across the Internet.
Delivered via a single dedicated Internet access pipe* to customer handset.

*Internet access purchased separately.

Why Buy From Fuze|networks?

Fuze|networks partners with leading class data and voice providers and negotiates competitive rates coupled with world class service helping our customers realize maximum value for the services they rely on most. Managed VoIP uses the converged technologies of voice, data and Internet to maximize flexibility and cost savings. Fuze|networks is uniquely positioned to offer services that will help you gain better control of your communications for the following reasons:

World Class Service Providers.

Expertise in local and long-distance voice, data/IP and hosting services.

Years of experience using VoIP in the network to route long-distance traffic
National wide area network (WAN) on OC-192 MPLS/IP backbone designed for VoIP.
Robust portfolio services including Managed VOIP, Managed VoIP and Integrated Access.
Dedicated account team.
Our proprietary, industry-leading network has the physical infrastructure required to deliver tomorrow's communications services, today.

911 Service Requirements

You must have approved customer premises equipment (CPE).

You must have approved IP connectivity.

911 calls must originate from the service installation location.



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