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Fuze|networks is an Orange County, California based IT Solutions and consulting organization. Our extensive suite of products and services are designed to help you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for the maintenance, support and capital investments to manage your information and technology network.

We serve clients predominantly in California, Nevada and Arizona, but our managed and cloud based services are available globally and used by customers nationwide.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to strategically implement solutions which can scale as demand and needs change. We believe information technology investments help companies stay competitive, manage operational and logistical costs and increase productivity. Our business and technology experience benefits customers by:

#1 Reducing Overall Costs

Fuze|networks’ products and services are selected based on certain criteria such as reliability, breadth of features, and overall value. Our services help IT Administrators save time from cumbersome management duties and help reduce overall support needs. Many of our cloud based offerings are cost effective alternatives to traditional premise based solutions freeing up valuable time and resources for IT Administrators, managers and end-users.

#2 Maximizing IT investments

Fuze|networks’ team of professionals have hands-on experience. We have managed networks of all sizes, balanced budgets, implemented complex hardware and software, and even camped out in datacenters after hours and on the weekends for upgrades and migrations; so we understand the daily IT challenges organizations and IT Administrators contend with. We help clients maximize the value from their existing IT investments, and make smart choices for the future. We love the “bells” and “whistles” like everybody, but solutions need to meet fundamental needs and requirements and a measurable level of ROI.

#3 Reducing Risks

Fuze|networks’ Let our industry and field experience save you time and money. We pride ourselves on best practices and experience. We help clients navigate technology and create efficiencies along the way. If your industry is governed by regulatory compliance, we have you covered. We are well versed in multiple domains and will offer assistance where we can. If we are not able to help you directly, we will refer you to one of our affiliates or specialized service partners who can. We have pre-negotiated agreements providing additional cost savings to you.



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