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Fuze | backup

Online Backup

Reduce the cost and risk of protecting your data, no matter where it resides. Fuze|backup reduces the risk and cost associated with protecting PC, Mac and server data by ensuring your backup data is secure, available and accessible for recovery when needed.

Free up your IT department’s time and resources and give yourself peace of mind that your data is secure and your organization is in accordance with all relevant compliance and litigation requirements.

Our Online Backup Services allow you to consistently backup and protect critical business data that can
expose risk and compliance violations—all while easing the pressure on IT time and resources.

No room for error — the enterprise-grade advantage.

All backup solutions are not created equal. Iron Mountain’s Online Backup Solutions are truly enterprise-grade in the benefits they deliver:

Automated data protection — Leaves no room for human error, equipment/media failure or catastrophic loss.
Rapid, reliable access — Your data is available whenever and wherever you need, with service level agreements that promise reliable and measurable results
Ease of use — “Set it and go” automated backups take the backup burden off of end-users and IT, while still giving IT control over schedule and bandwidth limits
Superior security — Data is automatically moved off-site to a highly secure underground facility, and mirrored to a second data center for full fail-over redundancy; data remains encrypted in transport and storage.
Confident compliance — Demonstrate backup consistency in compliance with corporate governance/policies and external regulations.
Central management — IT can easily install and centrally manage distributed data protection from any location through a secure Web portal; no user behavior modification is necessary.
eDiscovery ready — Support growing litigation demands and make stored PC data usable and useful while reducing risks and costs.

For businesses of every size and every industry, choosing Fuze|backup for online data backup means partnering with a solution provider committed to reliability, integrity and availability.



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